Information on the 13th Baltic Sea Summer School, Rostock, Germany, August 18-24, 2019, now available!

The annual Baltic Sea Summer Schools on Epilepsy (BSSSEs) take place since 2007 and are clinically oriented and focused on the comprehensive aspects of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, also providing a platform for transnational research. The open and informal atmosphere allows easy communication between faculty and up to 40 international students during one week.

Please go to the BSSSE 13 page for details.

Here are the reports and evaluations of nearly all previous BSSSEs.


BSSSE 2 Report

BSSSE 3 Report

BSSSE 4 Report

BSSSE 5 Report

BSSSE 6 Report

BSSSE 7 Report

BSSSE 8 Report

BSSSE 9 Report

BSSSE 10 Report

BSSSE 11 Report

BSSSE 12 Report


BSSSE 2 Evaluation

BSSSE 3 Evaluation

BSSSE 4 Evaluation

BSSSE 5 Evaluation

BSSSE 6 Evaluation

BSSSE 7 Evaluation

BSSSE 8 Evaluation

BSSSE 9 Evaluation

BSSSE 10 Evaluation

BSSSE 11 Evaluation

BSSSE 12 Evaluation

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